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AI product engineering internship

Transformify is seeking the next generation of AI pioneers and trailblazers to join our team as interns. If you're obsessed with all things tech and breathe AI, we want you to be a part of our dream team.

About the internship

Transformify Inc. a US startup company, incorporated by Macedonian co-founders, for its growth plans is looking to initially get onboard creative and innovative IT students. We cultivate positivity, admire people who are hungry to learn, gain experience, want to improve constantly and are willing to join our mission to Reinvent digital transformation with AI technology, by challenging the biggest worldwide companies.


That is why we are opening a call for

4 (four) AI interns

who live and breathe technology every day. If you're hungry to immerse yourself in cutting-edge innovation and accelerate your engineering skills with OpenAI's suite of models, hop on board with us.

Here is what you will do:

  • Get to know with our product: Transformify Automate - Your AI Copilot for Automation

  • Play with all OpenAI's suite of models, including: GPT-4 (8K; 32K), GPT-3.5, DALL·E, Whisper, Embeddings, Moderation, GPT-3, and Codex

  • Advanced prompt engineering with in-context (few shots) learning and fine-tuning

  • Develop new web and desktop AI-based products for digital transformation

  • Experiment in upgrading legacy mobile and web applications, using AI-technology

  • Contribute to the overall products' development, (chat)UI/UX and suggest improvements


What skills and experiences you need

Candidates from computer science, information technology or engineering faculties, that are in their 3rd or final year of studies.



A passion for Artificial Intelligence and an eagerness to learn



  1. Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles

  2. Basic familiarity with at least one frontend web or hybrid app technology stack:
    - C# .NET/ Server
    -Side/WebAssembly Blazor
    - C# .NET / MAUI Blazor
    - TypeScript / React
    - TypeScript / Angular

  3. Basic familiarity with at least one backend web app technology stack:
    - C# / ASP.NET
    - JavaScript or TypeScript / Node.js
    - Python
    - PHP / Laravel

  4. Basic familiarity with:
    - Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    - REST/GraphQL APIs

  5. OpenAI:
    - Must have: Medium to advanced ChatGPT knowledge

  6. Excellent English writing and communication skills

  7. A growth and practical mindset, embracing trial and error

​ Bonus:

  • Experience with version control (Git)

  • Knowledge and experience with OpenAI APIs


Benefits: Here is what you will get

  • $200 per month (net)

  • Internship period: 3 months

  • Option to get full employment

  • Mentor – someone to guide you and help you grow

  • Opportunity to work and learn from some of the smartest people

  • Flexible working hours

  • Impact – get the chance to learn and work on latest AI models and playgrounds



The internship will take place on-site, at our R&D premises in Macedonia located on bul.Kuzman Josifovski Pitu No.15 (Neocom building, 5th  floor).

Application deadline: May 15th, 2023


is overrated.

Challenge everything.

Innovate. Disrupt. Create something extraordinary with AI.

Learn fast,

fail fast.

Embrace experimentation, iterate quickly, and learn from your failures.

Get things done, and deliver results each day.

Adapt. Improve. Push beyond your limits.

Never stop growing.

Adapt. Improve. Push beyond your limits.

No politics.

Be open, honest, and direct in your communication with others.

Every act of kindness matters. Be the light in someone's day.

Spread positivity and smile.

Core habits and expectations


Embrace the AI revolution and make AI your career playground

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