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Automate features

Explore the endless possibilities and popular use cases.

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Advanced reasoning

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Embrace the AI automation revolution.

Make AI your best ally.

Type in your desired outcome in plain language - and our AI Copilot will generate your flow with a visual representation of each action step in a flow scheme, making it easy for you to understand its' execution.


Get report.pdf and upload to [OneDrive]. If the transfer fails, send a message to +1XXXYYYZZZZ via [InfoBip] with text "Your file transfer failed".


Image displaying the output of generating a flow in Transformify Automate.

Flow generator

Turn your words into tangible actions with natural language. AI Copilot builds your automation flows exactly the way you imagine them in your mind.

Leave the scheduling to Copilot and enjoy the benefits of AI automation.


Extracting context from your prompt, the Copilot automatically creates schedulers and sets the exact time and frequency you need your flow to run (specific hour, day of the week/month).


Run this flow every day at 9:00am. If it's Monday, get report.pdf from  [OneDrive] and download in Demo/ and send to [FTP].


Transformify Automate flow screenshot showcasing the generated output using schedulers.

Event triggers

AI Copilot ensures that your flows run whenever it's right for you. It never goes on a break and cares you never miss a task, update documents or send recurring communications again.

Use HTTP connectors from the catalog, including popular apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, OneDrive, Twilio, and more - to easily integrate your everyday tools and automate your work quickly. Type in your credentials once and reuse the connector in whatever scenario you need it.

An image displaying the catalog of web connectors in Transformify Automate, allowing for easy integration with everyday tools and quick automation of work.


Connect and integrate seamlessly with our library of connectors without the need to search or make assumptions about what's possible. Just, add your everyday app and let our AI Copilot suggest the most common actions you can do with it.

Protect your flows and restrict access only to authorized users. Generate API keys, and enable secure access to your flows.

Image of API Keys for Transformify Automate, with options to protect flows and restrict access to authorized users, generate API keys, and enable secure access.

Flow protection

Choose between public access through a unique URL endpoint or protect your flows and restrict access only to authorized users with API keys.

Single place to get Transformify free file storage and eliminate the work between drives. Within file manager, preview, upload, download directly to your remote locations and cloud drives, like FTP location, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.

An image of Transformify's file storage feature. This feature offers a single location for free file storage, eliminating the need to switch between multiple drives.

File manager

Manage and organize files and folders on Transformify. The file manager allows users to view, create, edit, delete, move, copy, and rename files, folders, different media types, documents etc.

Key Vault (FIPS 140-1 or FIPS 140-2 compliant) for securely storing and accessing your secrets such as API keys and digital certificates.

Image of Key Vault for securely storing and accessing secrets such as API keys and digital certificates in compliance with FIPS 140-1 or FIPS 140-2 standards.

Secure Ops

Drive your automation with enterprise-grade security with best in-class safeguards. Secure store sensitive information such as passwords and digital certificates for your authentication and encryption scenarios.

Get dedicated database for each flow individually.

Transformify Automate screenshot with icons representing dedicated database integration.

Flow database

Define how a particular task or process should be executed. Dedicated flow databases are exclusive to a single user, while shared flow databases can be accessed and used by multiple users or teams.

Stay on top of your automation usage. Manage all your flows' executions by setting their frequency and number of runs to ensure their continuous and uninterrupted operation.

Flow run

Run and monitor flow executions step by step, and have insights of possible bottlenecks, or edit to change/improve the flow outcome.

Jumpstart your automation and integration with our vast selection of prebuilt templates. Explore a wide range of free-flow templates to spark inspiration, and tailor them to suit your unique needs.


Using Natural language to further customize and simple connector permissions setup, you'll be up and running in no time.

An image displaying selection of pre-built templates for automation and integration, providing a jumpstart to your projects.


Accelerate your journey by using prebuilt for your cloud flows to automate tasks or processes between your connectors.

Based on the if/then logic, Copilot automatically recognizes the context in your prompt text, sets your conditions, designs the flow navigation and execution paths for you.


Read /Demo/file.txt. If the number inside the file is bigger than 5 send an e-mail to '' else create a file named 'Test.txt' and inside of it write 'Text'.


Flow generated by Copilot based on if/then logic, with conditionals and navigation paths.

Conditional logic

Copilot makes sure your flows are designed to work the way you expect. Create automation flows that do similar tasks, but with slightly different outcomes, depending on the data you provide as input.

Managing your numerical data with Copilot is a breeze - whether you're inspecting if numerical values are greater or less than a certain number.


Select 10 DimCustomers from [database]. Create pdf "customers.pdf in my File manager, with table of the customers with FirstName, LastName, but display only those who have YearlyIncome bigger than 3000".


Image of a number condition in Copilot, where users can manage numerical data by inspecting if values are greater or less than a certain number.


Get only the data you need. Contextually recognizing conditions from your prompt, the Copilot set only the conditions that meet your specific needs, giving you complete control in your flow.