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Browse the rapidly growing connector catalog and use specific connectors to easily integrate with any external SQL databases, HTTP APIs, and other standard protocols.

*Connectors can be used directly only in Transformify Automate and BI. Other Transformify products: APIs, Portals and Apps can use them indirectly with Transformify Automate integration.

Relational databases

Connect to all standard relational databases to store and retrieve data. Easily connect and use your existing databases from cloud providers such as Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, or any other private/public SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MariaDB database.


Connect to various service providers and easily integrate with their REST APIs available in various categories like Messaging, E-commerce, Payment, Cloud, Entertainment, etc. to send notifications, make payments, etc.

Custom APIs (OpenAPI)

Create a custom API connector to easily integrate with any service provider that provides standard API that it's not available in our catalog, but provides OpenAPI specification.

Standard protocols

Create FTP, SMTP, and other similar connectors to use specific standardized protocols instead of HTTP to transfer files, send emails, etc.


Create file connectors to easily import files with an external dataset that is available in JSON, XML, or CSV format.

Code components

Utilize your own or any third-party .NET libraries to fulfill specific requirements, solve complex problems, or increase efficiency.

Nuget browser

Browse and install some of the thousands of useful libraries and packages from NuGet Gallery with our in-built NuGet package browser, to empower your professional developers with the best reusable coding blocks in the .NET world.

*Overcome the need for missing Connectors or any other SDK functionality by using the appropriate NuGet package and the Low-Code editor/AI assistant.

Media center

Store and organize various types of media files such as images, documents, videos, and other types, that can be used or created in all Transformify products.

Easily perform the most common file operations like accessing, editing, and sorting files or folders in your personal folder or the shared folder for your work zone.


Dataverse - the central repository for all Transformify products

Store, manage, and use all data in your business universe, no matter the source or format.

Model designer

Get started with Model Driven Development (MDD) and design your models using No-Code, Low-Code, and AI features based on your requirements, expertise, or personal preference.

Visual No-Code designer

Take advantage of simple, but powerful data validation with DTO property attributes such as: required, string length, range, and regex to mark a property as required, validate whether its' value falls between a specified range of values, has a maximum length, or its' value matches a predefined regular expression for email, phone, credit card, or another specified regex.

Low-code editor

Take advantage of the advanced built-in Monaco code editor, with rich C# and JSON IntelliSense validation to create your DB models or pure C# models.

Multiple DB schemas

Improve security and management for your data by using logically DB schemas to group and isolate related DB models.

Common Data Model

Accelerate your development with common data models for the Automotive, Government, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Higher Education, and Nonprofit verticals. Instead of creating new data models, simply reuse the available model definitions for a quicker, industry-specific solution. Examples of models include: Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Product, etc.

Database data

Get simple CRUD manager for the basic data operations in your database schemas.

Manual data entry

Use basic DB model forms and standard data grid to perform CRUD (create, retrieve, update, and delete) operations on your data.

Generate Fake / Mockup data

Easily fill your test DB schemas with massive amounts of realistic fake data using your data generators.

Preview how your APIs, portals, apps, automations, and dashboards will appear and function in a simulated real-world environment without putting real data in danger. 

Import data

Easily import data from an external dataset that is available in JSON, or CSV format. 

Private connections

Connect to your private network with ease, ensuring maximum security to access resources like databases, web services, etc.

Azure Hybrid connections

Provide fast and secured connection to your on-premise resources without the need for S2S VPN or additional firewall configuration. Install Azure App Service Hybrid manager that can make outbound calls to our Azure cloud infrastructure over port 443, enter the private connection string and you're done.

Secure Shell (SSH)

Establish SSH tunneling to remote servers and forward your resource traffic over encrypted connection. Access your resources with confidence, knowing that your connection is secure and your data is protected.

Site-to-Site (S2S) VPN

Establish a secure IPsec tunel to on-premise/cloud network, ensuring that your resource data remains confidential and protected.

*This type of connection requires custom configuration available per request.

Data generators

Create data generators for massive amounts of realistic fake data for your development and testing.Define rules for custom fake or dummy data generation that will match your model properties, relationships and requirements.

Normal generators

Choose from multiple data types and available locales to generate realistic looking Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.

Generators for regulated industries

Create realistic data rules even for heavily regulated industries like health-care and banking where customer data is subject to various laws and regulations

Data Transfer Objects (DTOs)

Achieve more flexibility in the long term with a standard development pattern that separates persistence database models from API models (DTOs).

Generate DTO

Generate DTO models (request/response) for your APIs from existing DB models to speed up development or customize them to your needs, with automatic mapping between them.

Create DTO containers

Design custom DTO containers and models for usage.

* You can use custom DTO models in Transformify Automate flows to make HTTP client requests to remote APIs without specific connector.

The power behind every Transformify product

Empowering development tools to work with your data, secure access with user and application identities, proven trust for your secrets and logs.


Centralized repository to store, manage, and use all data in your business universe, no matter the source or format.


Secure access to your solutions with user and application identities. Create and manage users, roles, clients with industry-standards for authentication and authorization.

Trust Center

Security, privacy and compliance for your solutions by design and by default. Keep and manage secrets, file/database backups, data residency, and more.


Precise audit logs. Get insights in changes, access, errors and other events for security and compliance.

Development tools

Work with your databases and data, along with data connectors and private connections to shape how Transformify products access and utilize your data.

Development infrastructure

Get integrated local database and file storage for data persistence, as well as to connect with remote databases, storage providers, and APIs.

Rely on our intelligent and fully managed service based on the superior Azure SQL Database/Elastic pools and Azure storage.

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