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The Future of Automation: How Natural Language Technology and ChatUX Are Transforming the Industry

The world of automation is evolving at a rapid pace, with more businesses turning to technology to streamline their processes and improve productivity. With the advent of natural language technology and chat user interfaces (ChatUX), there is a new wave of automation that is transforming the industry. ChatUX, or Chat User Experience, is a type of user interface that uses natural language technology to allow users to interact with software or applications through a chat-like conversation. This differs from traditional user interfaces that typically require users to navigate through a visual interface or type commands in a specific format. ChatUX provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, as users can communicate with the software in a more natural way, using their own words and phrasing.

ChatGPT has been leading this revolution with their text-to-text generation, and this has brought a new level of user expectations to do everything through natural language.

In this blog post, we will explore how ChatUX and Transformify Automate are changing the game in the automation industry.

Traditional no-code and low-code automation approaches require users to set up step-by-step actions through a visual editor or typing low-code for extended functionalities. These approaches often require users to attend academies just to learn how to set more advanced features or to set flow logic.


However, with Transformify's What You SAY Is What You Get editor, users can now generate their flows with an AI Copilot through a conversational Automate ChatUX, using natural language. This means that you just need to describe the final outcome in the chat box, and the AI Copilot will generate everything for you. And visualize the actions so you can to understand flow scheme.

This eliminates the need for explicit settings, as the AI Copilot automatically sets the trigger schedulers from the user's prompt text. Moreover, the AI Copilot uses advanced reasoning to set and handle the entire logic, eliminating the need for using additional complex tools, read documentation, or watch bunch of how-to videos. Everything from a single prompt - unlike other automation platforms like Zapier, Make, Power Automate, and N8N and others.

This means fulfilling one of Transformify's missions to "Democratize Automation", providing AI superpowers in the hands of the ones who know best and need the most. So anyone can use it, for personal or business purposes, without having to spend a lot of time and money on certified experts for advanced scenarios.

In conclusion, Transformify's AI Copilot and Automate ChatUX are revolutionizing the automation industry by offering the AI-only based approach to automation. Transformify Automate is a game-changer in the industry, thus it's safe to say that the future of automation is here - and it's looking bright. Embrace the AI automation revolution, and make AI your best ally.


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