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Transformify Automate - Your AI Copilot for automation launches on Product Hunt

Hey there, Product Hunt friends! ๐ŸŽ‰

Game over!

The era of traditional No-Code/Low-Code workflow automation is over. We are Transformify, and we make people love automation! From flow design to flow execution and beyond... Let it flow!

We see ourselves as game changers on a mission to revolutionize the entire automation/integration industry, by offering a product that is:

๐Ÿง  Smart like ChatGPT

๐ŸŒ Open like Zapier

๐Ÿ˜Ž Cool like ClickUp

I'm Ratko, the founder, and CEO of Transformify and I'm happy to introduce our product Transformify Automate - AI Copilot for automation that helps you turn your words into actions and automate your world, one flow at a time.

With Transformify Automate you can:

โœ”๏ธ Perform various file operations, including processing text and images, and converting documents in any format.

โœ”๏ธ Seamlessly integrate with third-party apps and web services like Outlook, Infobip, OneDrive, Discord, Twilio, and more.

โœ”๏ธ Query and manipulate databases with connectors for SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and more.

โœ”๏ธ Transfer data and send/retrieve emails using protocols like FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, and SSH.

โœ”๏ธ Combine operations, such as querying a database and creating a PDF document with the query results.

โœ”๏ธ Type your prompt and watch your desired actions come to life.

โœ”๏ธ Monitor real-time productivity and cost benefits.

โœ”๏ธ Enjoy the core features for free, forever!

โœ”๏ธ Access advanced features and capacity with paid subscription plans (Pricing perfection takes time. We're almost there).

โœ”๏ธ Look forward to our ChatGPT Plugin (Coming soon).

We're very excited about seeing flows that unlock new, magical automation experiences for your personal, professional, and business requirements.

We can't wait for you to try our beta version! Don't be shy, automate your first flow in just a few words!


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